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Custom API rules in MikroBill v1.30

  1. 10 years ago


    Oct 2013 Administrator

    In pictures :)
    Add custom field:

    Go to routers config:
    Edit rules:
    Packt Mark in:
    Add key - packet-mark - value - "vlan-id-{adv_1}"
    {adv_1} - advanced field ID -1

    Disable rules for out:
    Pmark OUT add
    disabled = true

    Go to customer:
    Set add field to value - 3

    Go to MikroTik:
    1) rules for out is disabled :)
    2) we see out customer field packet-mark: vlan-id-3

    Now only on BETA 1.30...

  2. Hi, is there any chance to get beta ver for tests ? will it bring some big changes, f.e in queue and burst with value more than 100% ? Greetings

  3. admin

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    Version 1.30 will be in this week.

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