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Credit Cards?

  1. 7 years ago

    Does MikroBill in anyway interface with payment gateways? It's a bit unrealistic to manually process credit cards for hundreds of customers. I hope there is a solution of some sort I'm missing.

  2. Does anyone check this forum?

  3. Deleted 7 years ago by Mikrobill_Alex
  4. Mikrobill_Alex

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    Hi Matt, unfortunately we don't have direct integration with credit cards, but in US our customers us QuickBooks software which has integration with VISA and Mastercard, also it's integrated with other payment options such as paypal.
    Here is a video about Mikrobill integration with QuickBooks -

  5. Do you have direct integration with any automatic payment options? Paypal? Google Wallet? Anything? Or must it all be done externally?

  6. Oh I see... so the invoices will sync to Quickbooks which can do the processing.

  7. Mikrobill_Alex

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    Hi Matt, exactly.
    Our software is fully integrated with QuickBooks - so payments and all accounting things are made in QuickBooks, mikrobill just check payments every 5 minutes and if invoice generated by mikrobill was paid, it's marked as paid.

    In case you don't use QB - we will add paypal soon


  8. Any plans create bridge to ? it is also very popular accounting software and is easier to use than quickbooks.

  9. Mikrobill_Alex

    Jan 2014 Administrator

    We don't have plans to support it, because we don't have commercial customers who will use it

  10. What about SAGE ?

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