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Mikrobill 1.30 ChangeLog

  1. 6 years ago


    Dec 2013 Administrator
    Edited 6 years ago by Mikrobill_Alex

    Features added:

    • Deletion of customers from Mikrobill
    • Prepaid cards feature. Generation of vouchers for access to the network - time based, traffic limitation or limit of online time
    • Generation of refill cards to rise customer's balance
    • Multi language support in user's access page. Customer can select language or admin can set language for particular customers
    • Possibility to edit fields which will be shown to customer in user's access page
    • Full integration with accounting software QuickBooks for US, Canada and UK
    • Full integration with Czech accounting software FlexiBee
    • Automatic import of customers added to admin tool
    • Caching of invoice PDFs
    • Date of payment added to Norma19 export
    • Mangles marks added. Now Mikrobill has start/finish marks in mangles and creates rules inside these marks. It means that custom mangles can be used below/above MikroBill mangle rules.
    • History of customer's sessions via Radius and search based by IP/MAC for dynamic IPs


    • Complete redesign of Radius server. Radius module works as a perl service now and with thousands of connections consumes 1% of CPU.
    • QoS of Mikrotik was removed from the system
    • LogRotate - internal logs are automatically deleted after certain period of time
    • Adding of IP address from OSPF network to customer - not needed to put OSPF network to router in settings
    • Possibility to add auto comment into Queue Tree (for example customer's login or name)
    • Information about active session added to customer's statistics


    • Automatic processing of payments from FIO and Raiffeisen Bank
    • DUZP problems in czech version fixed
    • Few Internet Explorer bugs
    • IP pools deletion fixed
    • Download all invoices in one PDF
    • Issue of duplicate IPs in Radius dynamic addresing resolved

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