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Version 1.20 of MikroBill

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    After almost 4 months of development we are ready to launch our 1.20 version. The main upgrade we did was the configuration tool for Mikrobill. We took all configs from .ini files and put them to the clear structure in database + made a web tool for managing configuration. Now everyone is able to configure the system.
    Also we launched Wiki pages, forum and made a lot of video tutorials. Hope it will help you to use Mikrobill and integrate it to your networks without any problems during short period of time.
    List of features made in Mikrobill 1.20 :


    • All settings of Mikrobill are in the database now
    • Web interface for configuration of Mikrobill
    • Update jquery to 1.9


    • Show password button in customer's view
    • Adding of additional fields - now is possible to put type of the field, max/min digits, set required or not
    • Document management system with templates creation
    • Listing of customers


    • View of Invoices / Proforma invoices added\
    • New format of numeration of invoices - 11300000x. First digit is Partner ID, second and third is Year and 6 digits is an invoice number.
    • Bank processing - now is needed to "Close" the processing file. Till this moment it will be open as a active session
    • System of reminders - first and second reminders
    • QR Code module to invoices
    • Complete independent partner invoicing
    • Different PDFs for every partner
    • System of confirmation when invoices are auto created first day of the month
    • History of cash payments
    • Cash receipts added
    • Possibility to change next invoice id during auto invoicing
    • Norma19 generation for different partners
    • Possibility to remove invoice from Mikrobill (hard delete)
    • PDF format for Latin America


    • All API authentication types now work with Address list blocking of customers
    • DHCP - DNS servers settings. Now in DHCP mode is possible that customers receive IP of gateway as a DNS server or they will receive directly ip of other DNS server (for example google)
    • Disconnection of active PPP session with API
    • Netflow module for MikroBill
    • Possibility to sell transferred GB to customers (part of FUP module)


    • Dynamic Pools added to radius
    • Remake of radius module, reduced CPU usage
    • Support of FUP with Radius


    • Upgrade of TAB's YES/NO in privilegies
    • Sending of all emails to administrator for testing purpose
    • Possibility to export content of all tables in Mikrobill to CSV

    Email and notifications

    • SMTP configuration with test
    • Templates to sending emails
    • Tickets - mark as unread/read
    • Possibility to send all unpaid invoices to customer


    • Wiki manual website on 3 languages launched with more than 150 pages. We are describing there 1.20 version
    • 20 video tutorials created for 1.20 version
    • Forum launched for Mikrobill users
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    Now MikroBill support MikroTik RouterOS 6

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