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Install MikroBill to VirtualBox

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    Jul 2013 Administrator
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    Download VirtualBox
    and Install it

    Download Debian 7.1
    netinst CD image - amd64

    Open VirtualBox
    Type New VM
    Name: MikroBill
    Type: Linux
    Version: Debian 64
    Memory size: 1GB and More
    And click: Create
    After creating VM select VM MikroBill and click to Setting

    In Setting click to tab: Storage and add ISO: debian-netinst.iso

    Set network adapter to Bridged mode:

    Start VM and install Debian with this manual:

    After debian is installed:
    Go to:
    enter you email and password (you receive it from us, if not: )
    Copy you license ID
    and install MikroBill with this manual:

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