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Version 1.10 of MikroBill

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    List of features added to Mikrobill 1.10, launched 1 of november 2012


    • Customers with multiple logins - merging of customers
    • Search by additional fields
    • Search by MAC address
    • Generation of login - now is possible to generate login, not only use autoincrementation
    • Generation of password and login - admin no can define what letters/numbers he wants to use during generation
    • Possibility to add deposit to the customer
    • FUP Module for counting traffic of customer and make speed limits based on this information
    • Showing amount of online users in tariffs and in routers with possibility to click and see list of these users
    • Put tariffs in DataTables format
    • First version of generation of agreements and documents
    • Auto select of first free IP
    • Ability to setup as Variable symbol in invoice every field including additional fields


    • Possibility to download all invoices in one PDF file
    • Bank import of Volksbank Czech Republic
    • Bank import of RaiffeisenBank Czech Republic
    • Bank import of Slovenska sporitelna
    • Export of invoices to to Pohoda
    • Export of invoices to MRP software
    • Export of invoices to Norma19 format
    • PDF format for Mexico
    • PDF format for Spain
    • PDF format for Slovakia
    • PDF format for Latin America
    • Overpayments of invoices added
    • Partly paiments of invoices added
    • Proforma invoices added to the system
    • Ability to invoice for custom amount of months during auto invoicing


    • Radius user code disconnect integration
    • OSPF -> give access to WiFi customers only to WiFi routers and Fiber customers to only Fiber Routers
    • Showing of online users per PPP access server
    • Framed-Route attribute Radius support
    • Forward blocked users to the website. Now we have 2 ways ho to do it - define address list or fake IP pool for these users.


    • Support of Simple queue in Mikrotik API
    • Connection marks and only packet marks in mangle in Mikrotik API
    • Shaping type added PCQ with Adress List
    • Full firewall remake - added Ajax elements and usability improved
    • Now each router has a status - Online, Error, Radius
    • Support of putting blocked and disabled customers to address lists
    • Added possibility to define max limit of the whole router
    • Speed limits on interfaces/sectors
    • Added rotation of logs of communication between Mikrobill and Routers
    • All logs of Mikrobill are gziped now
    • Downloading of API Log
    • Pagination in API Log
    • Full IP address management


    • Customizable Timeout for Login for each admin
    • System of privileges added

    Emails and notifications

    • Sending of emails when customer sends ticket
    • Sending of emails when customer receives ticket from MikroBill


    • Install scripts for Debian, CentOS and FreeBSD
    • Innodb MySQL optimization
    • BackUP system of the databases added

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