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Mikrobill radius for Mikrotik Hotspot, problem

  1. 8 years ago

    Hi !

    I have so simple setup for testing but stuck on authorizing users.

    Mikrobill is RADIUS server, customer is added, Router is added.

    On Mikrotik router is DHCP server for connected users, hotspot is activated with RADIUS enabled.
    When customer connect to Hotspot Mikrotik, and enter user/pass on login form, Mikrobill RADIUS autenticate user, and in Hotspot that user is loged in (active user), but Internet not working, customer cannot ping nothing, nor Mikrotik router which is gateway for that network ??

    For test we are disabled RADIUS aut. in Mikrotik, and activated TRIAL user, such is all working ok, TRIAL user are loged in, and internet working OK ?

    What may be a problem in Mikrobill setup ?

  2. Mikrobill_Alex

    Nov 2013 Administrator
    Edited 8 years ago by Mikrobill_Alex

    Hi first of all - you need to define what IPs will be used for customers. All of your customers received fake IPs from pools 10.255.x.x.
    So in step 1 - define IP pool for example in IP addresses
    Step 2 - put IP to customer (in this case I put any Ip from pools).

    and last step is to configure hotspot router

  3. Ok, now is working.

    I think that problem was in Mikrobill version which are installed on DEMO, because before of update these options (routing) where not visible (i think ??)
    Thank you very much !

    Antoher question are Simple Queue, user are loged in but Simple queue for every user are not generated in Mikrotik ?
    Should not be set depending on the speed of the Tariff Act ??

  4. Mikrobill_Alex

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    In your case it was a problem with IP of customer. He received fake IP address everytime 10.255.x.x..
    Simple queue - go to Mikrobill's Global Settings -> Radius and enable "Custom attributes" there.
    Wait for 5 mins, radius module will be restarted and then try to login as Hotspot user

  5. ok..working.

    Is blocking user effective even is user logged in ? Or only on next login are redirected on spec. blocking page ?

  6. For understanding, we have constant customers connected on our Wireless network, logged in on first "service activation" and idle time set to MAX-unlimited , that they do not must logging every day, month etc. ?
    Is possible to get statistic for that users, and blocking function if they do not logoff ?

  7. Mikrobill_Alex

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    You will need to enable Incoming connections in Mikrotik Radius settings and you will be able to block users directly from MikroBill.

  8. Ok.
    Is there any way to have statistic about customer trafic even one connection are active for month-two ?

  9. admin

    Nov 2013 Administrator

    Yes, check statistics...

  10. Deleted 8 years ago by Denis_Draguzet
  11. If user not found on RADIUS error message are wrong: RADIUS server is not responding ?

  12. Deleted 8 years ago by Denis_Draguzet
  13. Wrong password insert address list : Reject address list when user has negative balance ?

  14. Hi !

    There is some disbalance in Address list, and Reject adress range, as shown on picture in attach, Reject 2 are Reject address 3, Reject 3 are addres 4 !

  15. Is there any way to client get real IP adress on its interface, because DHCP server on Mikrotik have lease for client different from DHCP server on Mikrobill (RADIUS) and is confusing for debuging ?

    I try setup DHCP server to user RADIUS but error are: failed to get IP adress for host XX:XX:XX...., unknown ID ?

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