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PPPoE+Radius IP over alocation issue

  1. 10 years ago

    Hi all
    I am working for a small ISP in Romania and we are looking for a management solution. We downloaded the demo version to can evaluate MikoBill in field condition. Unforuntaletey in our our lab and we found a strange issue. So in our setup we use 1 Microtik router (450G) one virtual server for Mikrobill and multiple clients( local computers). To connect our test clients we use PPPoE +Radius. Everything is ok with one exception. For time to time we see a strange issue: IP over alocation. Basically multiple clients receive the same ip.
    Do you have any idea what is wrong ?

  2. Mikrobill_Alex

    Dec 2013 Administrator

    Please install the latest version of Mikrobill - 1.30(300), it was fixed few months ago.

  3. I`ve got a problem with my demo version, the question is that looms a sign saying the PPP module is not installed, Why this occurs?. However, if I need to install this module, What do I need to do? I pray help me with this problem.

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