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MikroBill 1.21 ChangeLog

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    Features added:

    • Full Router's configuration backup through FTP service from MikroTiks
    • Getting SSID(s) from Router (in status)
    • Links to config (WIKI,FORUM)
    • Description to all tables of templates
    • Check Disk Space (If free disk is less than 2 BG, MikroBill will show alert in every login to the system)
    • Admin_tool feature (now is possible to clear all : users, tariffs, invoices, services, delete and recreate services from tariffs)
    • Added field lease-time to DHCP leases
    • Created module DineroMail for Latin American countries
    • File manager (upload images directly to MikroBill)
    • Error pages and changing of error pages (in templates)
    • Possibility to write 1,2,3 to user id when sending email
    • Possibility automatic send payed invoices too
    • Possibility edit/delete customer commentaries
    • Defaul apache ssl config (mikrobill-ssl)
    • Possibility to use additional fields in advanced mikrotik config
    • Possibility to use Firewall IP/MAC filter with DHCP for making DHCP more secure


    • NetFlow module (speed up), now it's much more faster
    • License tab in Settings (add separately Modules, add link to forum and wiki)


    • Problem with license getting (install)
    • 3 bugs in autoinvoicing
    • Voip module (date processing)
    • Search for location
    • Apache config file
    • Processing of norma19
    • Problems in DHCP config
    • Few bugs in invoicing
    • Mysql buffering improved (in backups)


    • Jquery
    • Jquery UI
    • Aristo
    • Jquery.Form
    • IonCube Loader


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