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  1. 6 years ago
    30 Aug 2014, 6:23am GMT+0000
    cavemangh posted in Help with FUP policy.

    Still waiting and the bug is still there...August 2014!

  2. 29 Aug 2014, 7:14pm GMT+0000
    cavemangh posted in FUP policy.

    I am having the same issues. Any replies?

  3. 20 Aug 2014, 8:14am GMT+0000
    cavemangh started the conversation Queue Tree Not Working.

    Hello I am using RouterOS ver 6.18 and I noticed that the queue tree in my router is not being populated when I make changes in mikrobill. I am using the current version as at Aug 20 2014. API looks ok and Filter rules are working.

    Pls help.

  4. 7 years ago
    19 Aug 2013, 6:09pm GMT+0000
    cavemangh joined the forum.